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watan chat room

Watan chat room is the best afghan chat room for afghans around the world.

few days ago I was searching for a good Afghan chat room .


watan chat roomWatan Chat Room

Watan Chat Room

I joined watan chat room just to check up few things.
After entering the site I realized its not an ordinary site.
I was welcomed by lots of friendly people and I really loved the environment.

If you are looking for a great time to spend with your friends and family then I recommend you joining watan chat room.

watan chat room is based on flash chat system, and if you are using cell phones, then you will be redirect to a Mobile friendly site and its pure html5.
In afghan chat room they are posting lots of articles about Afghanistan, Afghan culture, Afghan Fashion,
the few articles I liked in afghan chat room I will mention with you guys.

the first Article I am going to mention with you guys is about Afghan chat Room
                in this artikel the author has wrote some useful stuff about Afghan chat rooms.

I will also share an article about Traditional Afghanistan clothing

its a wonderful article wroten in detials about afghan clothes for afghan women I really loved the post, and I am sure you will not regret reading the post.

The third post I would like to share with you guys is about Afghan Qalin

Afghan Qalin is a great read for Afghan rugs lover and for those who like to read about afghan hand made rugs.

The last post I am sharing with you guys is about Afghan Khaal

About Afghan Khaal : If you visit Afghanistan you will notice most of the women have “Afghan Khaal”Which are green dots or shapes drawn on their face ( chin/forehead/cheeks) or hands.

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